Mission Statement

Our heart as a church is to glorify God. We believe that God is most glorified when the Bible is faithfully preached, Jesus is worshiped, His people are conformed to His image and the good news of forgiveness is proclaimed until He comes.

Trinity Bible Church is a congregation of believers, first organized in April 1995 by families in the Big Horn Basin, who desired a church that would look to the Bible as its source of faith and practice. We continue to embrace the doctrines of the Protestant Reformation referred to as "doctrines of grace" which are fully explained in the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.

You will find Trinity Bible Church to be a place where you will be challanged to grow in your love for God. This will be enrouraged as the Word of God is richly ministered, the grace of Jesus is bountifully known, and the holiness of God is earnestly pursued. Because there is stability in our doctrine and leadership, you will also find Trinity Bible Church to be a place of long term security for you and your family.