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Biblical Counseling

What is biblical counseling?

What is the difference between biblical counseling and secular counseling? 

What can I expect to change when working with a biblical counselor? 

How long does it take to see a change? 

What are the benefits of biblical counseling?

When should I consider biblical counseling? 

Is talking to a biblical counselor different from talking to a close friend? 

What happens in a biblical counseling session? What can I expect in the session?

Are there issues that I can try to address prior to counseling? If so, what steps can I take?

What can I do if I can’t afford biblical counseling?

What is biblical marriage counseling? 

How do I know if I need biblical marriage counseling?

What is biblical family counseling? 

How do I know that I need biblical family counseling? 

In marriage and family counseling, what if a spouse, parent, or child does not want counseling?